Drilling Parts and Services Worldwide

Oil and Gas Field Subs

Top subs, Bottom subs, Inline and Bit subs (bored for valve)

Water and Geothermal Subs

Saver subs, Spindle subs, Change Over subs, Inline subs (bored for valve), Bell subs, and Frack subs (pump out subs)

Drill String Tools

Stabilizers, short inline and over hammer, with or without inner pipe construction, Ribbed or smooth

Taking Care of Your Drilling Needs:

Heisey Machine
  • Lifting Devices – (Wheel plugs, lifting pins, lifting boxes)
  • Recovery Tools – (spears or tapper taps, over shots)
  • Casing Tools – (one piece all alloy lifting nubs w/ fork subs)
  • Centralizers – (solid, welded construction)
  • Table Inserts
  • Surging Tools
  • Bit Gages
  • Customized Tools


Streamlining Float Sub Servicing with Heisey Machines’ Custom-Manufactured Solutions


Rethread and Rebuild Services:

Heisey Machine Save money by bringing us or sending us your damaged adaptors and drill rods for fast and affordable rethreading.

If you already have a Heisey Machine Float Sub and its showing some wear, send it to us for a quality inspection and rebuild, and we will provide you with a quote for the necessary new parts and upgrades available.

Keep on Drilling with Our Float Subs!

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MUD DRILLERS! Desand, Desand, Desand!

Due to the high grit being hard on seals, it is crucial that those who typically mud drill rather than air drill have float subs serviced more frequently.

The Vision

Selling Float Subs and Drilling Tools Worldwide